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CTBA Political eBrief Monday, March 26, 2012

A fast-track process favoring renewable energy projects without regard to all classes of environmental impacts will result in irreparable harm to federal public lands that are sacred to tribes.” Viejas Chairman Anthony Pico on Ocotillo Wind Energy Project (East County Magazine)

Lake County's Running Creek Casino On Schedule To Open In May (CA – Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake)
Press Democrat (march 25, 2012) The tent-like shell of a new Lake County casino has risen along Highway 20, just east of Upper Lake.

Wright: Worth A Gamble? Online Gaming Already Happening (CA – Online Gaming)
San Diego Union Tribune (March 24, 2012) Most opponents to online gaming in California approach the debate as if it is a question of whether or not there will be online gaming in the state. But that question has long ago been asked and answered.

Worth A Gamble? Legislation Is Losing Bet For State (CA – Online Gaming)
San Diego Union Tribune (March 24, 2012) Why would the state Legislature pass a bill that would increase the rate of crime, unemployment, welfare, homelessness, bankruptcies and suicide?

Major California Newspaper Op-Ed Comes Out Against Online Poker (CA – Online Gaming)
Poker News Daily (March 25, 2012) A popular California newspaper has published an op-ed piece that comes out against any proposals by the state’s political or business factions to bring online poker to the state.

Sovereignty Key Issue As Tribes Go Into Landfill Business (CA – Cabazon Band)
My Desert (March 25, 2012) The tribal sovereignty dilemma affecting Mecca, the Cabazon tribe and Western Environmental did not happen in a void. Similar dustups regarding waste disposal on reservation land have taken place across the U.S.

Winnemem Wintu Map Sacred Sites Around Shasta Lake (CA – Lake Shasta Dam)
Record Searchlight (March 24, 2012) Choked to a trickle by the dry winter, the McCloud River rebelliously purled Feb. 13 as Caleen Sisk led anthropologist Lyla Johnston through parched shrubbery to an endangered Winnemem Wintu sacred site.

Tribes Implore President Obama To Stop Ocotillo Express Wind Project, Save Cultural Resource Sites (CA – Ocotillo Wind Project)
East Country Magazine (March 23, 2012) For months, Ocotillo residents and conservationists have been waging a David and Goliath battle seeking to stop Pattern Energy’s proposed Ocotillo Wind Express project.

Sycuan Casino Embracing Technology, Promos (CA – Sycuan Casino)
Ante Up Magazine (March 24, 2012) Feel like playing in a live game but not sure what games your favorite poker room has going at the moment?

Governors Demand Influence Over Internet Regulation (US – Online Gaming)

Gambling Compliance (March 26, 2012) State leaders need to be consulted over any proposed federal regulation of internet gambling, the National Governors Association has urged.

What Happens When Professional Gambling Meets Social Gaming (US – Online Gaming)

The Next Web (March 25, 2012) Social gaming and gambling are beginning to merge into a very interesting new category.

Hundreds Buy Lottery Tickets Online In Illinois (IL – Online Lottery)
Register Mail (March 25, 2012) At 7:03 a.m. Sunday — just three minutes after Illinois officially became the first state to sell lottery tickets online — the first ticket was purchased.

Utah Becomes First State To Opt Out Of Any Federal Online Poker Regulations (UT – Online Gaming)
Poker News Daily (March 25, 2012) With several states at least considering the option of intrastate online poker and the federal government still seemingly entertaining the idea of licensing and regulating the industry, the state of Utah has decided to head in the other direction.

Kialegees Ask Judge To Dismiss State’s Casino-Opposition Lawsuit (OK – Off Reservation Casino)
Tulsa World (March 24, 2012) The Kialegee Tribal Town has asked a federal judge on Friday to dismiss the state of Oklahoma’s lawsuit in opposition to the building of a casino in Broken Arrow.

Competitive Market Closes Two More Reno Poker Rooms (NV – Casino Economy)
Ante Up Magazine (March 24, 2012) Reno recently lost two poker rooms that were unable to survive in the highly competitive market.

New Hampshire House Poised To Pass Casino Bill (NH – Casino Regulation)
Gambling Compliance (March 26, 2012) SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED New Hampshire lawmakers are poised to defy the state’s gambling-averse governor and pass a landmark casino bill this week.

Mangled Horses, Maimed Jockeys (US – Horse Racing)
New York Times (March 25, 2012) The new economics of horse racing are making an always-dangerous game even more so, as lax oversight puts animal and rider at risk.