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CTBA Political eBrief Monday, June 25, 2012

The decision has the potential to change how the federal government takes land into trust for tribes. It's potentially a huge problem for expansion of gaming for recently recognized tribes." Steven Light, co-director of the Institute of Tribal Gaming Law and Policy at the Univ. of ND on the Patchak case decision (Casino City Times)

Editorial: Getting Off To A Better Start With Casino Talks (CA – Graton Rancheria)
Press Democrat (June 24, 2012) The obvious benefit of building a casino near an urbanized area such as Rohnert Park with quick access to a major highway is that it brings gaming closer to more potential customers.

Water, Lights and Noise Top Concerns Voiced at Casino Mitigation Meeting (CA – Graton Rancheria)
Rohnert Park Patch (June 22, 2012) Complaints at Rohnert Park community meeting on Casino project focus on the depletion of the aquifer, but significant lifestyle concerns were also aired.

California Battling Tribes to Legalise Online Poker (CA – Online Gaming)
Online Casino Archives(June 24, 2012) Online Poker in America has always been popular despite its illegality and at last some states are trying to make progress on legislation to legalise the game, however, their efforts are being continuously hampered by opposition from Indian tribal gambling interests.

Eight Tribal Nations Mourn Losses At Ocotillo Wind Site (CA – Ocotillo Wind Project)
East County Magazine (June 24, 2012) A sliver of moon and a spangle of stars shone down on the Ocotillo desert last night, where representatives from eight tribal nations joined in ceremonies to honor their ancestors. 

Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians Needs Prayer to Save Imperiled Burial Grounds From Ocotillo (CA – Ocotillo Wind Project)
Indian County Today (June 23, 2012) The good news is that there has been progress in protecting a burial ground and ceremonial site from a dam project. The heartbreaking news, as the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians terms it, is that the Ocotillo Express Wind Energy Facility has been approved by Imperial County officials, and digging has begun.

Court Decision Could Have Wide-Ranging Effect On Tribes, Casinos (CA/US – Patchak Court Case)
Casino City Times (June 25, 2012) A lawsuit seeking closure of the tiny Gun Lake casino in Michigan could have a major effect on the nation's Indian casino market, an industry that posted $26.73 billion in revenue in 2010, according to Casino City's Indian Gaming Industry Report.

Napa County Supervisor, Indian Tribal Leader To Testify In D.C. (CA/US – Tribal Recognition)
Times Herald (June 23, 2012) Representatives of Napa County and the Mishewal Wappo Tribe of Alexander Valley are scheduled to appear before a congressional subcommittee Wednesday over tribal recognition, county officials announced.

Opinion: Online Gaming Here To Stay (US – Online Gaming)
Las Vegas Review Journal (June 24, 2012) I am fully aware that there are people who are against online gaming. But two landmark moments over the past seven months have made the debate between the differing viewpoints irrelevant.

Nevada Approves Online Poker Licensing (NV – Online Gaming)
Examiner (June 23, 2012) Several states have discussed legislation that would allow for online poker companies to get licensed within state borders, so that poker enthusiasts could play with other poker players online within the state's borders.

Nevada Ripe For Online Gambling (NV – Online Gaming)
Lahontan Valley News (June 25, 2012) The stakes just got higher. Nevada officials last week approved the nation's first two interactive gambling licenses — a step that clears the way for online poker within state lines, even while a federal interstate gambling ban remains in place.

Tohono O’odham Nation’s Fight For Glendale Casino: Undaunted (AZ – Off Reservation Casino)
TriValley Central (June 23, 2012) Tohono O’odham leaders vowed to continue their fight for a Glendale-area casino after the House overwhelmingly approved a bill blocking their plans Tuesday.

The Myth of Indian Casino Riches (US – Indian Casino Revenue)
Indian County Today (June 23, 2012) Non-Native people generally assume Indians are getting rich from tribal casinos, and often engage in intensive question-and-answer sessions when challenged.

Union Releases Poll Showing Public Wants Gambling Vote (MD – Gambling Expansion)
WBAL (June 25, 2012) As a legislative work group fails to reach an agreement on expanding gambling in Maryland, some labor unions don't want lawmakers to give up, and they say the public is on their side.